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date ya sensei


You should date the sensei in your game. Date your homeroom teacher who’s suspiciously handsome, who has problems defining proper boundaries. Date a sensei who’s bishie, who’s been bishie since he was twelve. Date your bishie sensei.


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Merry———-! Happy-ba (happy birthday) Aiba kun! Omere-shon (congratulations in slang) sho
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Merry Arashi Christmas Giveaway! :)


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The goods to be given away are Beautiful World DVD LE - Japan Version, Waku Waku Gakkou Notebook and an Arashi Kanji Silver Pendant. :) There is nothing to do but to be a follower of this blog and reblog this post. I will pick the winner from the reblogs and it will be announced on December 10, 2013. :)